Rain is a Sci-Fi short film directed by Aindriü Green and completed by the international 2017/18 film production crew of Hochschule der Medien,

Plot summary
It is the year 2058. Man and machine live side by side. The production of Artificial Intelligence has pushed mankind to an advancement once believed to be impossible. Detective Ray Light has to investigate the death of tycoon Orion Charles by interrogating an A.I gone rogue. And ultimately answer the question... What does it take for an A.I to kill?

My role
Together with Victoria Manuhina I was responsible for the production design of Rain. This consisted of props, wardrobe, hair and make up. The biggest challenge was to create outfits that look like they would be worn in 2058 - except for Detective Ray Light. The final look uses simplicity and neutral colors for the main cast and an high fashion look for the extra's - who represent the youths of 2058.

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